Tuesday, June 27, 2006


So the whole getting up Monday morning thing didn't work out too well, BUT I did get up this morning and trek to the gym in a torrential downpour to do my arm workout:

Three sets for everything -
SS1: Machine lateral raise (12 reps, 50 lbs)
SS1: Seated bicep dumbbell curl (12 reps, 12lb dumbbells)
SS1: Tricep dips (15 reps)
SS2: Seated dumbbell shoulder press (12 reps, 12lb dumbbells)
SS2: 2 arm cable curl (12 reps, 15lbs each arm)
SS2: Overhead cable extension (12 reps, 30lbs)
SS3: Dumbbell lateral raise (12 reps, 8lb dumbbells)
SS3: Bent over lateral raise (12 reps, 5lb dumbbells)

I plan to get in a cardio workout this afternoon and some ab work as well.


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