Wednesday, July 12, 2006

7/7 - 7/9

Weight workouts last week were:

Abs, Chest, Back on Friday:
3 sets each

SS1:Alternating Incline dumbbell press
SS1:Close grip lat pulldown
SS2:Chest press
SS2:Reverse grip bent over EZ bar row
SS3:Dumbbell pullover on ball
SS3:Seated cable row on ball
SS4:French chair knee ups
SS4:Knee pull-ins

Arms on Saturday (with trainer):

3 sets each

SS1:Machine shoulder press
SS1:EZ bar preacher curl
SS1:EZ bar seated overhead extension
SS2:Upright row
SS2:Seated alternating hammer curl
SS2:Overhead triceps extension
SS3:Machine lateral raise
SS3:Rear delt pulldown

Legs on Sunday:

Smith Squat (4 sets X 25 reps)
Plie squat (4 sets X 20 reps)
Narrow stance smith squat (4 sets X 25 reps)
One legged press (4 sets X 25 reps/leg)
Romanian deadlift (4 sets X 25 reps)
Leg extension (2 sets X 25 reps)
Calf Press (3 sets X 25 reps)

The leg workout was a killer, but surprisingly I didn't feel too bad the next day. On Friday, I also ran for 31 minutes on the
Montour Trail.